Coordinator Message

Dr. Rekhakumari Singh NAAC Co-ordinator (B.A.,LL.B.(Special)-Gold Medal, LL.M.-Gold Medal, Ph.D.)

“Law as a career option was once upon a time characterised as the ‘last option’ available to those students who couldn’t afford a seat in the medical or engineering colleges but today some of the best and most creative as well as intelligent minds are spotted in these so non-conventional law colleges. No more is the law, a career option chosen by the ‘left-out’ students. It is indeed a very promising as well as a lucrative career option as several big corporate firms are offering those dream jobs to fresh law graduates. Thus, one should not hesitate in taking up this field of study as it has seen tremendous growth throughout the last decade. This augmentation is seen in the form of several big litigations, tremendous growth in the volume of business of several law firms across the country and through the humongous leap seen in the requirement of specialised law officers, judges as well as lawyers for solving all such problems. To become a law officer or a judge or a lawyer working independently or in a law firm, we need to have this basic degree of law that Anand Law College is offering. The dual degree offered by us saves one precious year of its students who opt to do law immediately after their 12th standard. So join us! We are eagerly waiting to give you that career in law that you always have dreamt of, and we promise never to let you down as our history of producing the best lawyers in the State of Gujarat speaks for itself, and this has been our tradition and our vision since our first year of inception, 1964.”

Dr. Rekhakumari Singh
NAAC Co-ordinator &
I/c Dean,Faculty of Law,Sardar Patel University
B.A., LL.M. (Gold Medal), Ph.D.