ANAND LAW COLLEGE will be a preeminent law college.

We will:

  • Educate graduates who will be excellent professionals,knowledgeable,ethical,practical,thoughtful,innovative and well-equipped for the practice of law;


  • Create and disseminate knowledge to solve sociel and legal problems and to promote justice;


  • Aspire in the region in recognition of the quality of its academic program, the achievements of its faculty and graduates,and its service to the society.
  • We will achieve our goals of nation building throught an integrated program of instruction that connects skills and knowledge, applied theory to practice;


  • we will strengthen our distinguished programs to promote the spirit of research and foster the sense of commitment , social responsibility with highest moral fiber;


  • We will enhance our national and international stature, attract excellent students, and take our place among the very best providers of legal education.
  • To facilitate the promotion of research culture among faculty and students to kindle the spirit of inquisitiveness and the sense of reasoning; to inform them the norms and rational for the deducing of valid judgments


  • To impart or to facilitate in the minds of the students their obligations towards the creation of Law Literate Society, in the back drop of preceding ethnic, social, cultural and constitutional values of the Indian Society:


  • To provide the student with adequate knowledge and experience of the country’s legal system;


  • To provide a scholarly and vibrate learning environment that enables staff & students achieve personal & professional growth;


  • To strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that we rise to higher levels of endeavor and achievement;


  • To give such education and training to learners that caters to the needs of various employment opportunities to which the learners can have early access with equal opportunity.