Empowering Society through Legal Aid


‘Moving from Ignorance to Justice’

Vision: ‘To create a society, which can make choices from knowledge and awareness by having trust in accessibility of justice in our Nation’.


Mission: ‘To empower people through easily accessible and reliable legal aid as well as support the mission of National Legal Services Authority.’ 



  • To create an impactful practice to fulfill the vision of SRKSM
  • To empower the community by providing free and accessible legal assistance
  • To provide equal opportunities to the weaker sections of the society in terms of accessibility to justice
  • To provide a training platform and hands-on learning experience to students
  • To create a collaborative environment with other stakeholders like DLSA in order to make collective and effective efforts for ease of justice
  • To sensitize the students and faculty members towards societal challenges through various activities
  • To provide students and faculty members opportunities to contribute in a meaningful way.


Introduction of Legal Aid

The Legal aid services provided by Anand Law College are associated with the core values of the institution. Since the inception of the college and SRKSM, to facilitate and empower the weaker section of the society has been of prime importance. Hence, ALC initiated various actions to establish it as one of the best practice of the institute.

The Free Legal Aid Clinic was created by Anand Law College under the guidelines provided in the constitution of India and works on the mission and principles laid down by the National Legal Services Authority followed by Gujarat State Legal Services Authority and Anand District Legal Services Authority, which have been constituted under the section 12 of Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987. The LAC strives to practice the spirit of ‘Access to Justice for All.’

As Anand Law College managed by Shri Ramkrishna Seva Mandal has been working with the motto of ‘Bahujan Hitay, Bahujan Sukhay,’ the direction provided by the legal services authorities resonates with the institutional mission as well.

Landmark Achievements

  • The institute received the first prize for the best practice in Legal aid at State Level Legal Aid Symposium, GNLU in the year of 2023.
  • Earlier, the institute participated in the Annual Legal aid Forum on Legal aid Services in India at GNLU and presented the activities of LAC.

Details of Legal Aid Committee

Legal Aid Committee 


Sr. no



1. Chairperson Dr. Amitkumar I.  Parmar
2. Convener
3. Co. Convener Dr. Kirankumar C. Bhartiya
4. Member Mr. Ranvirsinh Mahida
5. Member Ms. Nidhi Adhwaryu
6. Representative, LLB
7. Representative, BA LL.B. Nachiket Dabhi
8. Representative, BBA. LLB Anjana Vaghela
  • The institute received the first prize for the best practice in Legal aid at State Level Legal Aid Symposium, GNLU in the year of 2023.
  • Earlier, the institute participated in the Annual Legal aid Forum on Legal aid Services in India at GNLU and presented the activities of LAC.
  1. Free Legal- Aid Clinic: The legal aid clinic is the most essential part of the legal aid services. The LAC has collaborated with DLSA, Anand for providing legal assistance to needy people.

To practise this, the advocates are sent by DLSA every Saturday for a specific time duration at the legal aid clinic and offer assistance and counselling services to the clients/people who might be seeking help. The legal advice is provided completely free or zero cost. The faculty members and students included in the committee as well as para legal volunteers also provide guidance to clients. Legal aid is also provided through online mode if required.

  1. Legal Literacy Program: The LAC has conducted legal literacy programs in collaboration with DLSA, PLVs, various government departments, and advocates work together in association with district court advocates in various camps and activities in rural areas to spread legal awareness.

The seminars and webinars on legal literacy and change in acts are conducted for vulnerable group like women. The institute also organize the guest lectures and the volunteers students along with teachers organize legal awareness program, Nukkad natak etc.


  1. Para legal Volunteers Training: The DSLA organize various campaigns in rural areas with the help of PLV students for various awareness purposes.


  1. Village Adoption: ALC has adopted the village ‘Mogar’ in order to conduct the legal aid activities and Human Rights Awareness in a focused way.
  2. Legal Literacy in NSS Camp: The NSS volunteers during annual ten days camp organize role play, nukkad natak and awareness rally on various social and legal issues.
  3. MOU with NGOs: ALC have signed MoU with local NGOs to work effectively at grassroot level. Institutions have signed MoU with Madhuvan Foundation, Jagrut Mahila Sangathan, Noble Hands Foundation in Anand to get affiliated with field activities.

1)Symposium: LAC of ALC organized a symposium in a collaborative manner on Interlinking of Legal Service Committee, Legal Aid Clinics, and Legal Service Authority with an aim to connect the need of free legal aid and the authority at state level.

2) Online Capacity Building Program on Legal Aid and Affiliated laws: ALC organized the 10-Day Online Capacity Building Program on “Legal Aid and Affiliated Laws” in association with Pro-Bono India and Law Teachers India in Gujarati language for higher effectiveness and best output.

The resources persons were invited from DSLA as well as the collaborating organizations to disseminate knowledge amongst the participants.

3) The certificate course has commenced on Legal aid which provides the guidance to students on how to contribute through joining legal literacy programs as well as other district court and college initiatives.